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Medical data such as certificates, x-ray images and lab reports are clearly documented and ready to hand

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All the important medical data at a glance. You determine what data are stored - together with your trusted doctor!

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The medication compass - help for you in navigating the medication jungle!

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User has the opportunity to transmit his findings with doctos easily

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The possibility to record findings with smart phone and transfer them to own medical records.

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Measurements no longer have to be recorded by hand. They will automatically brought to a clear form after the measurement.

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Expand the capabilities of your medical card

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Training center

We attach improtance to full customer service and we are trying to develop our software user friendly. We offer training courses so you can use our tools optimally

UNIQA Health report

How healthy and fit feel the people in Austria? The UNIQA health report is a new representative questionnaire for Austria


More security with Hand-Signature. With Handy-Signature you can authenticate your identity online. It is your personal signature on the web